A Quote – On The Use Of Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Oscar Wilde

I collect quotes and often return to the ones which speak to me. This one has been tapping me on the shoulder, wanting to be shared with my students.

Too often we get in our own way, with many things, but especially with writing. When we don’t write, it becomes harder to write. When we do write, even for five minutes a day, it becomes easier to write. I have experienced this on both ends, the writing and the not writing, and know it to be true for me.

What is holding you back today? Pick up that pen, fire up that computer or typewriter and begin. Even if you only have five minutes. It could be the best five minutes of your day.

Threading the Web – the New Blog – a Beginning

Every creation begins somewhere, with something.

Often my students will tell me they do not know where to begin.

Beginnings can be the smallest of things. A grain of sand, a silken, silver thread.

A decision to start, followed by some small action. You see, it is not enough to desire to begin something. Many people desire things but never take the smallest action toward them.

Creation requires some sort of movement, however small. You pick up the pen. You write one word. And thus it begins….