Celebrating April National Poetry Month with a Poem a Day

On my new Ko-fi site, I am celebrating April’s National Poetry Month with a Poem a Day and my poetry anthology Twilight Dips is just 99 cents for the month of April.


Twilight Dips


Twilight dips

elegant fingers

over treetops

into shimmering lakes

deepest blue

ripples spread

fingers twirling

swirling symmetry

calling out to fish

from deepest depths

fish rise

fish mate

fish spawn

fish die



fishly life.

-by Debra Parmley

Published in Bellowing Ark, Jan. 1996

and in Debra’s first collection of poems.
The anthology, also entitled Twilight Dips, June 2013, Belo Dia Publishing.

Twilight Dips on Amazon


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