Beautiful Day Traveler – Debra’s revised blog

Beautiful Day Traveler is the new name for Debra Parmley’s revised blog as she enters into not just a new chapter in her life, but a whole new book of life as the adventure begins.

In the past she has been a writer, a dancer, a writing teacher and mentor, a traveler and a travel agent. All these threads converge for a new journey, one of living full time with her husband, in a motorhome. A 2010 Tiffin Allegro bus. (Pictures coming soon!)

Hang around Debra long enough and you may hear her say, “Every day we are alive is a beautiful day.” Debra is a “beautiful day traveler” and here on her revised blog you will find:

  • Debra sharing about learning to live in a motorhome full time (it’s their first RV)
  • travel stories of short journeys as Debra and her hubby Mike travel the U.S.
  • adventures
  • Debra’s fictional stories
  • Debra’s poems
  • memoir
  • freelance articles
  • non-fiction
  • writing tips and advice
  • dance, music, and anything else which adds to Debra’s beautiful day
Debra Parmley on writing retreat in Deerfield Beach, Florida January 2020, working on a Hansel and Gretel story

In the archives here you will find posts on writing and dance from her blog formerly titled Threading the Web, which she started for her writing students to encourage them. Debra currently has 24 books of fiction and one book of poetry up on Amazon, most are available in print and four are available in audiobook. She is currently at work on a new novel and on her new online writing classes as they prepare to move into their new motorhome. For more about Debra Parmley and her books visit

Debra and Mike in Jamaica at Rose Hall Plantation, 2019

Meet Mike Parmley, Debra’s husband of 39 years. High school sweethearts, she asked him out on a $5 bet! They’ve been having adventures ever since. Soon they’ll be sharing their adventures with you.

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