Through the Everglades, From Pompano Beach, Florida to Tampa, Florida

Now that Thanksgiving 2020 was over, we were excited for our next trip. The drive, from Pompano Beach, Florida to Tampa, Florida would take us through the Everglades. Years ago we had taken a fun airboat ride through the Everglades and I loved seeing the wildlife. This time we would be driving our 2010 Allegro Tiffin bus through the Everglades on land. Would we see any gators? Other wildlife? I was hopeful.

My view from the passenger seat.
Mike’s view

One thing about riding in this big bus is, we sit up fairly high, so we have a better view than we would have sitting lower down in a car. That combined with great big windows up front made this trip memorable.

There were many little white birds by the side of the road, fishing in the water, or drinking. I tried to capture them in a picture, but most flew off the moment before, eluding me. This is the only picture I have which captured one. Still, one of my favorite memories of this drive was watching those birds. They have a slender white elegance I am unable to fully capture in a photo.

The original airboat tour. Years ago we took a fun airboat ride through the Everglades. I don’t remember the name of the company we hired.

We stepped to fix lunch meat sandwiches at Big Cypress National Preserve visitor center and got out to walk around. We had the place pretty much to ourselves, as you can see. There were no X’s to stand on, marking a six feet apart rule, or masks. Just us and a sprinkling of raindrops.

On the wooden walk in front of the building as we walked across we looked down into the foliage and there we saw my gator. Can you see him?

Can you see the gator hiding?

This gator was sleeping or hiding. I wonder if he was dreaming of his next meal, as he did not move. It began to rain again so we dashed back to the bus to get inside out of the chilly air and rain and back on the road again.

There were signs that said panther crossing, next five miles, though we didn’t see any. We passed an Indian reservation, and Ten Thousand Island National Refuge.

This was a fun trip. Our next journey would be to Tampa, but that is another post.

I’ll be back with more of our story and our travels soon, so stay tuned and remember that every day we are alive is a beautiful day!

With love,

Debra Parmley, your Beautiful Day Traveler

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Preparing Our Motorhome for Our First Trip and Our First Trip

We had much to do before we moved into the motorhome and took it on our first trip. Our plan was to take it to Florida for Thanksgiving. The first of many stops to see family members.

One thing I did before loading our belongings into the RV was to line many of the drawers and cabinets in the RV with shelf paper from the Dollar Tree store. The shelf paper has a bit of no skid to help prevent things from sliding around as we go down the road.

I was excited to find this pattern and color which matched the countertops very well. And I found them at the Dollar Tree so they were easy on the budget.

The first ride I took in the motorhome was to ride along with my husband Mike to fill her up. Our 2010 Tiffin Allegro bus has a very large tank and she takes diesel. This was our first time to fill her up. Not all gas stations sell diesel and not all stations have room for a 43 foot diesel bus. My husband uses an app called Gas Buddy to find prices and places to get gas.

Mike filling the motorhome’s gas tank with diesel.

One of the new treasures in our new home is this beautiful journal. My husband bought it in New Orleans when we went there for Heather Grahams Writers for New Orleans event in 2019. He went shopping while I was at author events during the day and surprised me with it later. I just love this journal, and I am enjoying keeping a “captains log” of our travels in the RV.

First travel journal for the RV, a surprise gift from my husband, one I treasure.
Day one …
The new chapter in our lives begins…

The trailer behind the RV pulls my convertible. The front wheels go on the trailer and the back wheels stay on the road. The RV is 43 feet long so towing the car adds to that making it even longer. We need to find sites that have a pull through for our size when we are looking for our next place to stay.

Our first trip was down to Florida for Thanksgiving. The first of many trips planned to see family.

Our route from Memphis, for our first trip, along with stops was:

From Memphis to Frog Hollow RV Park in Grenada, MS for one night.

Lunch in the Talladega Forest, AL at the rest stop, and then one night at the Triple C RV Park in Chattahoochie, FL

Then on to Highland Woods RV Park in Pompano Beach where we stayed for five nights Thanksgiving week.

Highland Woods RV Park in Pompano Beach, Florida

After visiting Mike’s mother in Deerfield Beach and having dinner with his cousins who live in Ft. Lauderdale, we went over to Tampa for the next trip. But that is a post for another day.

I’ll list sites we’ve stayed in for other RV travelers and for my readers and family when I post.

I’ll be back with more of our story and our travels soon, so stay tuned and remember that every day we are alive is a beautiful day!

With love,

Debra Parmley, your Beautiful Day Traveler

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The Big Downsize: Moving From Our House to a Motorhome

I’ll always remember this move as the big downsize, when we sold our 1,100 square foot house and 40 foot by 50 foot garage on 1.4 acres in Bartlett, TN and moved into our first RV, a 2010 Tiffin Allegro bus/motorhome.

I’d been downsizing for a long time and thought I would be ready, but I was still surprised by how many things we had squirreled away in the spaces we’d lived in for 23 years, and I was still trying to sort through things as we were moving out.

Our sons came to stay with us and they worked on the house before we listed it and then helped us move things into the store and lock, and I really do not know what we would have done without all their help. We would not have been ready.

The backyard always had deer in the evening.

The house sold six days after we listed it and we had two buyers bidding. On Monday, Nov. 23rd we closed on the house and the buyers took immediate possession, so we had to have everything out and ready to go before then. That would have been a lot even if there were nothing else added on.

40 x 50 garage which housed my husband’s business.

But as the ads on television say, “But wait! There’s more!” My husband also housed his business, Whistle Clean Incorporated, in that big garage, so there was an office to dismantle and a business to move out of that garage, everything from office furniture and files to business equipment and chemicals.

Our new 2010 Tiffin Allegro Bus beside our old garage.

The guys worked on Friday the 20th, a regular work day to finish the work, then they collected their last paychecks, and the business closed for any more work. I listed office furniture and equipment for sale and my husband moved everything Whistle Clean into a store and lock. This would be our second store and lock as I already had one for our household things. I am keeping things that mean something to me, antiques and momentos. No, I will not be a person who “gets rid of everything” but in each case these are things I would want around me as I get older and want to be surrounded by my memory things. The question I asked myself was, “If there’d been a house fire, would I be upset at the loss of this?” Having lived through a house fire, I had a pretty good idea of what I’d be upset about and what I wouldn’t. So the decisions were easy for me, and my treasured things are in a temperature controlled storage unit.

Downsizing from this house and garage into this motorhome. “The big downsize.”

So, now we had two store and locks. Whistle Clean was officially done cleaning houses and my husband had retired. He had previously tried to sell the business with no luck (guys wanted to run it but didn’t want to work, or sweat and that is not the way a pressure cleaning service company works) and then he had planned to keep the business going, running it from the road while he retired from doing the heavy work, but that was not to be. One employee had a heart attack the week before we closed and the other announced he was going to Mexico for two months. There would be no one left in Memphis to do the work. The doors would have to close. It wasn’t the optimal way to end, but the signs were clear that it was time to move on. We had a new lifestyle to begin and we were both ready to get on with it.

Everything in the garage had to go, from office furniture and files, a van, a truck, pressure wash equipment, tools, etc..

I’m writing this on December 17th and just today Mike finished emptying the Whistle Clean store and lock. Part of the delay has been the first trip we took, down to Florida to see his mother for Thanksgiving as she was alone there and we hadn’t taken a trip in the motorhome anywhere yet! I’ll write about that in another post, as this one is just for the big downsize.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Tomorrow we get on the road from Memphis to Kentucky. He will drive the motorhome, pulling my car while I drive his truck full of tools and equipment he is keeping to Kentucky, where he will store them along with woodworking equipment and wood for his projects. While we will be living in the motorhome full time, we do have things we are keeping, here and there.

Towing my convertible behind the motorhome.

Once we unload his things in KY, the downsizing will be officially done and then we can head for the warm sunshine and our next adventure. And that, I suspect, will feel awesome.

I’ll be back with more of our story and our travels soon, so stay tuned and remember that every day we are alive is a beautiful day!

With love,

Debra Parmley, your Beautiful Day Traveler

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Holidays in the Motorhome – Decorating for Halloween 2020

I have always loved Halloween; from the time I was small and dad would take me out trick or treating. I loved very girly costumes, though one year I had a Batman mask and even a batman lunchbox. Dad loved Halloween too and I have great memories of him taking me and my best friend Ginny through haunted houses. In his later years he wore his skeleton costume and passed out candy to neighborhood children. For me, Halloween will always bring memories of my dad.

Shifting into the RV/motorhome lifestyle, one of the things I must do is make sure the decorations fit into our new 2010 Tiffin Allegro bus as we are going on the road fulltime.

Everything in the RV must earn its place, holidays are no exception. We will celebrate holidays on the road, whether visiting family or seeing beautiful spots in the U.S. The challenge while downsizing is to keep decorations that will fit into our newly downsized lifestyle. I have decorated the motorhome for Halloween and here is how she looks all trick-or-treated out.

Captain Jack, my favorite Jack-O-Lantern, thinks he is the captain of this earth-based ship, and we will just let him think that until captain Michael takes over. Then he can duke it out with co-captain Debra for the passenger seat. (I think I can take him. He is more a lover than a fighter, likes hugs and his little sword is not sharp.)

Snoopy, who I love, does the Snoopy dance it you press his foot and sitting with him is his little buddy, named Batty. They are listening to the talking candle flame that lights up.

If you hang around with me you will learn that I love polka dotted things, so I had to have this witch hat with pink polka dots. (Next to Snoopy and Batty.) Yes, there are other polka dotted things in my must keep these things basket. lol

 What is Halloween without a black cat? Since I’m trying to lose weight, I have a tiny trick or treat basket, a miniature Frankenstein’s head. Not sure where the rest of him has wandered off to. Maybe in search of the candy I shouldn’t be eating?

This little spider is stowing away on the motorhome but I am keeping all the other spiders out.

These are the little things that brighten up our new motorhome and make it feel homier to me.  It’s fun sharing them with you. What little things brighten up your Halloween? Are they new things things this year or traditional? If you are in an RV, how do you decorate?

Below are all my links. Soon you will see other posts on my pages as we get on the road. Closing on our house is Nov. 20th so, just 24 days to go! It’s going to be a busy week here but I will still celebrate Halloween. Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

With love,

Debra Parmley, your Beautiful Day Traveler

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Beautiful Day Traveler – Debra’s revised blog

Beautiful Day Traveler is the new name for Debra Parmley’s revised blog as she enters into not just a new chapter in her life, but a whole new book of life as the adventure begins.

In the past she has been a writer, a dancer, a writing teacher and mentor, a traveler and a travel agent. All these threads converge for a new journey, one of living full time with her husband, in a motorhome. A 2010 Tiffin Allegro bus. (Pictures coming soon!)

Hang around Debra long enough and you may hear her say, “Every day we are alive is a beautiful day.” Debra is a “beautiful day traveler” and here on her revised blog you will find:

  • Debra sharing about learning to live in a motorhome full time (it’s their first RV)
  • travel stories of short journeys as Debra and her hubby Mike travel the U.S.
  • adventures
  • Debra’s fictional stories
  • Debra’s poems
  • memoir
  • freelance articles
  • non-fiction
  • writing tips and advice
  • dance, music, and anything else which adds to Debra’s beautiful day
Debra Parmley on writing retreat in Deerfield Beach, Florida January 2020, working on a Hansel and Gretel story

In the archives here you will find posts on writing and dance from her blog formerly titled Threading the Web, which she started for her writing students to encourage them. Debra currently has 24 books of fiction and one book of poetry up on Amazon, most are available in print and four are available in audiobook. She is currently at work on a new novel and on her new online writing classes as they prepare to move into their new motorhome. For more about Debra Parmley and her books visit

Debra and Mike in Jamaica at Rose Hall Plantation, 2019

Meet Mike Parmley, Debra’s husband of 39 years. High school sweethearts, she asked him out on a $5 bet! They’ve been having adventures ever since. Soon they’ll be sharing their adventures with you.

Celebrating April National Poetry Month with a Poem a Day

On my new Ko-fi site, I am celebrating April’s National Poetry Month with a Poem a Day and my poetry anthology Twilight Dips is just 99 cents for the month of April.


Twilight Dips


Twilight dips

elegant fingers

over treetops

into shimmering lakes

deepest blue

ripples spread

fingers twirling

swirling symmetry

calling out to fish

from deepest depths

fish rise

fish mate

fish spawn

fish die



fishly life.

-by Debra Parmley

Published in Bellowing Ark, Jan. 1996

and in Debra’s first collection of poems.
The anthology, also entitled Twilight Dips, June 2013, Belo Dia Publishing.

Twilight Dips on Amazon

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Imposter Syndrome, A Snarly Dog

Imposter Syndrome is a Snarly Dog. I decided it was time to write about this, after mentoring one of my author friends on Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt. I realized this is something we don’t talk about enough. If we did, writers would not view it as unique or unexpected when it happens to them.

Mention Imposter Syndrome in a room full of authors and ask them to raise their hands if they have ever encountered it and you will see almost every hand go up. It is as common as typing THE END. Think about that for a minute. Let this sink in – Imposter Syndrome is so common to writers, that almost everyone has experienced it at one time or another. I don’t know any authors who haven’t experienced it and it’s been ten years since my first novel was published and I’ve been in author circles for over twenty years. Imposter Syndrome is universal and seems to be part of the author’s journey.

I like to picture these doubts as snarling dogs, because that’s what they do. They ask the question who do you think you are? And it’s always with that snarl.


I like to say Imposter Syndrome is a big snarly dog and you have to go all out alpha on it to show it who the alpha is.

Imposter Syndrome is a form of self-doubt and is fear based. Fear of being judged as an author, fear of having your book judged, fear of being found wanting, fear of someone saying – who do you think you are to write that book? You may experience one of these or another from the same snarling dog family.

You may experience this snarly dog with your first book or your twentieth. When writing, you may experience it halfway through, in those moments when you think the good pages you wrote yesterday which you thought were such good pages now totally suck and the whole book totally sucks so much you’d like to shred it, burn it or delete it. That one is a very nasty snarly dog. You can’t let it win. You may experience a snarly dog after hitting the bestseller lists multiple times; with readers saying they love your books. Some writers experience it on book release day and don’t feel like celebrating, because that snarly dog is winning. You may experience it when being asked to read from your work or when asked to speak or to be in an interview or on a panel. So, what can you do about a snarly dog?

First, know they can pop up at any time and be ready to face one. Acknowledge it and face it. No hiding in your house, or cancelling or destroying pages. No posting all over social media, wallowing in it and being a victim of it. Tell an author friend or mentor privately if you need to talk about it, but then face that snarly dog.

Imposter Syndrome is a big snarly dog and you have to go all alpha on it to show it who the alpha is. Your words and your voice and your stories have value. When it snarls, say out loud, “I am (your full name) and my words have value. My book has value and people want to read it.”

There is power in “I am” statements. Great power.

download (1)

Now go write your awesome books, never let the snarly dogs win, and boost and encourage your fellow creative friends. I’m fine with you quoting me and hope this article helps.

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Celebrating Ten Years as a Published Author and a New Box Set

I am celebrating! This year marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first novel in print, A Desperate Journey.


This is me, holding the first copy of my first book, A Desperate Journey, which came out in March 2009. – Photo by Monica Parks. This was the original book cover.

My western historical romances have been described as “gritty.” The west could be a rough place for a woman, or a man, and I started out writing my first novel, A Desperate Journey, as a western. It started with a challenge. I was attending the Ozark Creative Writers weekend and Dusty Richards, a well-known western author, issued this challenge. “Write your first novel, make it a western and if it wins my contest, my agent will read the full manuscript.” I’d been writing short stories and poetry up to that point, never a full novel and that challenge was too good to pass up.

I sometimes will take a challenge or a bet and when I do, it can be life changing. For instance, I asked my husband out on a date, on a five-dollar bet, back in high school, but that is a story for another day.

Well I wrote that western, set it along the old Chisholm Trail in 1867, and along the way, as I wrote, the story turned into a romance. A Desperate Journey is a blend of romance and western. If you pulled the romance out, there would still be a lot of story. It’s interesting to me that men enjoy reading the story and I think that is one reason.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00071]

This is the new book cover.

Now you might wonder what happened with Dusty’s challenge and the contest. I finished the book by the following year and entered it in the contest. By then Dusty no longer had an agent, but he sat with me and went over the first chapters, giving me advice. I will always be thankful for his advice and his challenge. I revised the book and entered it the next year in a contest that western romance author Bobbi Smith held at the Romantic Times Book Lovers convention in St. Louis, where it won third place. Bobbi sat with me afterward and said, “Debra start your story in chapter three.” (I was giving too much back story and not getting to the action soon enough.) I rewrote the story and the next year entered it in the American Title II contest, where it was a finalist. During that contest I signed with an agent and a year later he sold my first book to Samhain Publishing. A Desperate Journey would be in e-book in 2018 and 6 months later be in print in March 2019.

After Samhain published A Desperate Journey, my editor invited me to write a novella. Another western historical romance for a new anthology to follow the first book was a good idea and to meet that call, I wrote Dangerous Ties. This one starts out with the heroine strung up over a mineshaft and the rope is breaking. I’d paid attention to my mentors and started my next story with action. Jumping right in. I thought this would be the first of many westerns with my publisher. But then my new editor turned it down and wanted me to write erotic romance instead. A third book, a contemporary romance I’d written right after I finished A Desperate Journey was turned down next. In the seven years I was with Samhain, I had five editors, but later editors were not as enthusiastic abut my work as my first two, who I’d enjoyed working with.

Dangerous Ties went on to be published by a different publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing. But now, writing a third book to connect the two books was going to be impossible. Because different publishing houses held the rights to the two books. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to have those rights back, and to have republished both books through Belo Dia Publishing Inc. It has also enabled me to be able to publish a third book to tie them all together. My readers deserve that and it’s exciting to be able to do it the same year I am celebrating of ten years of publishing.

I am celebrating the tenth anniversary with the release of a box set of the three westerns. A new book, Deadly Adversaries brings together the daughter from A Desperate Journey and a son of the couple from Dangerous Ties. The box set, Desperate, Dangerous and Deadly: A Western Collection is available now on Amazon.


Dangerous Ties is also on sale for 99 cents for the e-book up through June 15th. That’s the breaking rope after the mineshaft one, if you just want a nibble of one of my westerns to see if you like them. It’s a quick novella. It is also available in audiobook and in print.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00016]

Deadly Adversaries, the newest of the three westerns is up for pre-order and releases Tuesday May 7th.


I hope you will join me in celebrating my tenth year. To my readers, thank you for your support and for your love. It has been a wonderful ten years and I look forward to many more and can’t wait to share new books with you.

Over on my Debra’s Beautiful Day YouTube channel you will find my First Chapter Reads playlist where I read from the first chapters of my books, and I have many other things there as well. I am always adding new content there. You’ll find the link to that site and many more below.

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Audiobooks are an Expensive Gamble for the Indie Author

Audiobooks are an expensive gamble for the Indie Author.

Here is what goes into the making of an audiobook if you go through ACX.

First you’ll need to set up your account. You’ll need to decide if you are going to pay a flat fee for the narrator, or if you are going to do a 50/50 royalty split. If hiring a SAG narrator, the minimum is $100 per finished hour with a 50/50 split. This was the option I chose for my first two audiobooks, Check Out, and Trapping the Butterfly. I hired professional SAG narrators to do my first two audiobooks.


You also have to decide whether to go exclusive through ACX or non-exclusive. With exclusive your audiobooks are available through Audible, Amazon and iBooks. A non-exclusive contract allows you to distribute your audiobooks through any vendor you choose.

Trapping the ButterflyRevAudio.jpg

I chose to go non-exclusive for my second two audiobooks, Dangerous Ties, and Aboard the Wishing Star, and I hired a narrator who is also a musician who could  add music to the audiobooks, which I felt was a nice touch. He charged a flat fee with no royalty split and he can advise me on putting the books onto CD’s or other media so I can sell them at book signings. The options are wide open.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00016]

The process of listening carefully to each tape which is sent, chapter by chapter and making sure the audio matches the words on the page is a slow and time consuming one. It is also a slow process for your narrator to narrate the book. Then when everything is done for the narration, you will need an audiobook cover, so that can be an additional expense if your cover artist charges extra for that form which is a square and changes your cover some.


So you have your audiobook done and now it’s time to promote it. ACX will give you 25 free download codes to send to reviewers. But be careful how you use them as those codes can be used for any audiobook in the store, not just yours. In the wrong hands and you won’t even see any reviews. Vet your reviewers.

Things were going well, I had the new audiobooks finished and out there, sales were coming in slowly, reviews were coming in, and then Audible came out with their romance package. Similar to Kindle Unlimited, this allows readers/listeners to listen to audiobooks if they pay for the romance package. Instead of royalties on a sale, authors would get paid when the books were listened to.

Neither KU or this romance package are in favor of authors, if you look closely at them. This is akin to …let’s say, you are a peach seller, selling cans of peaches. But you only get paid when someone opens the can and eats them. Cans of peaches can sit on someone’s shelf a long time. So can an ebook or an audiobook. The one who benefits the most is the seller of the KU program or the seller of the romance package. Authors, not so much. Like that can of peaches, the book may be a good purchase, a yummy purchase. But until someone opens it and takes that first bite, we don’t get paid one dime. And they have to eat all the peaches or read all the pages for you to be paid in full for your book. I doubt we could get any sellers of canned peaches talked into this kind of a deal. But authors went for it.

Initially I’d said yes to the romance package and tried it for a year. My audiobook sales plummeted. People are busy. They might “buy” your audiobook but that doesn’t mean they have time to read/listen to it. People are busy. This is not a good situation for the author.

After trying the ACX romance package, I sent ACX a letter and pulled my books out of the program. You’d think sales would then have picked up. Enter the next problem.

Pirates. Yes, audiobooks are pirated too and some pirates are so bold they’ll even post Youtube Videos telling readers where to get those books for free. So now we’re not even getting paid for page reads or page listens. Now we are getting zip. Zero. Nada.

Readers keep asking me when I am going to put out a new audiobook. I’m giving a straight answer to this. I’m not. Not until these four audiobooks earn out the costs of producing them. Until that day, I can’t afford to put another one out there. Publishers need to be profitable to stay in business. This is true of Indie authors and Indie publishers. When my audiobook sales pick up, then you will see more of my audiobooks.

Here’s some straight talk, JA Konrath style: I have $1,810.00 invested in the production of these four audiobooks. The shortest one was $310.00 to narrate. I’ve sold a total of 128 audiobooks since 2016 when I put the first one out and brought in $236.57 so far. Not even enough to cover the cost of producing the smallest audiobook.

This morning I spent time sending take down notices on pirated copies of all four audiobooks. Pirates suck. They just do. And if you are a reader/listener who downloads from pirated sites, then you are in receipt of stolen merchandise. You might as well be holding up banks and liquor stores, or fencing stolen property, all of that is theft and helping people steal and you suck. I don’t want to hear your excuses, because no excuse changes the fact that you are a thief. I hope the karma bus comes fast and hits you hard with what you deserve.

Newer authors often ask me about putting their books into audio. Well, here are the facts as I have experienced them so far with my audiobooks. Two of those books were RONE award nominated ebooks and that’s a reader vote. In case anyone was thinking my books might suck. It’s not my books that are the problem and I have those reader votes to back me up. What sucks are the pirates and the systems of paying authors and narrators for their work. Remember on a 50/50 royalty split, the narrator is getting screwed by these pirates too.

I’d like to end on a positive note, so I will take this time now to say I am truly, eternally grateful for my readers and reviewers who have purchased my books and left reviews. You are why I continue to write and put my books out there. You are the treasures in this pirate filled world and I thank God for you.

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My Joy Jar

JOY. Such a simple three letter word, and yet, joy is no small thing. In fact it is large and up-lifting. It can raise your spirit and raise your vibrational energy.

Each year I choose a word for the year and that becomes my theme. My word for 2019 is JOY. I chose my word for the year and not long afterward saw on Pinterest where someone was making a joy jar. I loved the idea and had to make one.

What is a JOY Jar? It’s a jar where you collect joys for each day of the year. Here is my JOY Jar.

img_8489 (1)

Making a Joy Jar easy to do. Take a jar. Decorate it if you wish, any way you wish. Write down one of your joys onto a paper and place it in the jar. Do this every day. At the end of the year, open the jar and read all the joys you collected in the Joy Jar in that year.

I headed to meet one of my best friends for a Joy Jar making, 2019 planner day. I’d been looking for stickers which said “Joy” and couldn’t find one in any of the stores I searched. I was on the search for joy and was surprised it wasn’t easier to find. When I arrived at my  best friend’s house and told her I couldn’t find Joy stickers anywhere, she went into the other room and came back holding a red heart she’d knitted for me. Synchronicity. A gift of a joy heart made with love. The perfect thing to glue onto the front of my Joy Jar.

You know how when you buy a new car suddenly you are seeing cars just like it everywhere? Well that is how it has been with me with the word joy. The more I look for joy, the more I find it. The word joy has been popping up at the most unusual times and I’m more aware of my joys each day. What we focus on often increases.

My challenge to you is, make a Joy Jar and start adding to it. See how it enriches your life and keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for joy.

One of my joys is writing. I’ve got seventeen books out now in various genres of romance and will be writing many more to share with my readers. If you follow me this year, you are going to be hearing the word Joy a lot. And if you make a Joy Jar I’d love to see it and hear about your experiences with joy.

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